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Jun 11, 2013 2:00pm PDT
full coverage. cnn's arwa damon and nick paton walsh are right in the thick of it all. they are on the scene. we have expert analysis from cnn's christiane amanpour and fareed zakaria. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> the breaking news we're following, tens of thousands forced to flee as police fire giant clouds of tear gas and water cannons on demonstrations of turkey's taksim square right in the heart of istanbul. thousands of mass chaos refuse to be deterred. cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon and nick paton walsh are both right in the middle of it all. they have been in the past several hours. they're even being forced to put on gas masks to continue their reporter for us. we're joined by christiane amanpour. arwa set the scene. what's going on? we've lot arwa for a second. let's go to nick first. what do you see? >> reporter: the latest moves behind us here the police have sent bulldozers into the taksim square area ahead of gezi park. that sounds incremental, but it's key because it shows their positions to cl
Jun 6, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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Jun 11, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. clear our crew. if you have been following, cnn's reporting, nick paton walsh has been watching over the square for 1 hours. a gas mask on for 18 hours. the gas has flowed. in the last hour and a half there seemed to be an ebb. now it has escalated again, as the arwa, reporting, hard to make out what she was saying under the gas mask. the police and riot crews advanced on barriers. hard to make it out from the pictures we are showing. there was an advance to push down the protesters' barriers. clearly the escalation at arwa damon's and crew's location. it happens in a flash. it can be dangerous. sometimes protesters have one protest in mind. others can have something different. trouble. big trouble. we have seen that happen with a cbs crew before. we have seen some of our reporters injured. assaulted. clearly a big concern for arwa damon. i don't know if she is able to hear me any longer or if we have any of our reporting staff, or clear en clearance that they're okay. if we can get our producing staff in istanbul that arwa and her staff are all right. we want to make sure that is ok
Jun 22, 2013 2:30am PDT
devastating for a small business's bottom line. let's see what solutions our panel has. nick marsh is here focusing on the restaurant business and john taffer host and co-executive producer of "bar rescue," also the president of the nightclub and bar media group. great to see both of you. >> hi, jj. >> hi, nick. >> both of you guys work with bars and restaurants, nick, you run a restaurant right now called chopped. yelp is a big deal for companies like yours, restaurants and bars. what do you do if suddenly you start getting a lot of negative reviews and you know people like your restaurant. >> you know, absolutely, jj. as i was watching that piece i was thinking as i'm sure you say to your 5-year-old on a regular basis, life's not fair. and we have to just deal with it. there's certainly some things that are frustrating and there are certainly times you're missing reviews but i think the best thing to do, try to use the feedback in a positive way, reach out to people if there is a problem and use it to make your business better when you can. >> in what way, john? have you worked with
Jun 21, 2013 8:00pm PDT
we e know. the burglar in the ball cap was this guy -- nick prugo. >> what's it like in a celebrity's house? >> like you would expect -- sterile, beautiful, shiny things sn . >> reporter: he probably doesn't match your picture of a serial foender. prugo is from the up scale suburb of oh calabasas. when he started indian hills high school in 2006 he was lonely, not fitting in, until he made a new friend -- rachel lee. she was cool. had nice clothes. >> rachel was one of the first people to be drawn to me. i was drawn to her. she was nice to me. that was nice. i didn't have a lot of friends at the time. >> reporter: it wasn't long, says nick, before his new friend introduced him to a new hobby -- stealing. it started small. breaking into cars looking for money and valuables. it quickly escalated. >> then it went to a couple of regular homes and then celebrity homes. it was like a natural progression, if you would call that natural. >> reporter: and they walked away with their arms full of celebrity swag. >> clothing, jewelry, cash, drugs if there were drugs. >> reporter: was
Jun 12, 2013 1:00am PDT
. >> this has been going on for hours now. the situation continues to unfold. are want damon and nick paton walsh are out there. our correspondents are still on the scene and they join us now, along with christiane amanpour. she recently interviewed the turkish prime minister. nick, explain your vantage point, where you are in relationship to where arwa is and what's happening right now. >> reporter: right behind me, anderson, just as you started talking, we've seen these fired towards police for much of the night. it seems to be the weapon of choice. i'll give you a moment to listen to this. it appears to be the weapon of choice of protesters. the situation down the street closest to me, we're talking about a square here in a park. arwa, when we saw her earlier, she was on the far side. i'm on the near side. down the left, police earlier on the evening made a substantial -- they pushed a lot of armored trucks, water cannons, pushing everybody back. in the last half hour, protesters seem to have crept back up that road. and that i think is where those fireworks were fired from. so it begs t
Jun 4, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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Jun 12, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. >> tonight he threw out the first pitch at the a's/yankees game from 1,800 miles away! nick was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. and thanks to some friends family, and google, he was able to make a little mlb history. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: a telerobotic arm throws the ceremonial first pitch in oakland! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the robotic arm actually operated by 13-year-old nick legrand in kansas city. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: nick's mother says doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening blood disorder. >> he goes, am i going to be able to play baseball? and the doctor goes, no, i don't think you're going to be playing baseball this year. he just started crying. >> reporter: google created this camera-equipped robot so nick could control the arm using motion sensor technology from the mini-baseball stadium the company built near his home. >> i thought i was coming for my grandma's birthday, and i saw this, i thought i was just going to take a couple pictures. and then i heard -- saw my brothers over there. and then i
May 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
prÓjimo con una fe inigualable. nick naciÓ en australia, debido a un extraÑo sÍndrome sus extremidades no se formaron. >>> eres un gran mensajero, y estoy contenta de trasmitir esto. >>> es un honer para mÍ. >>> cuÁl serÍa la formula para la felicidad. >>> no preocuparte por lo que otros tienen, o tener temor de los que otros piensan de ti, tomas un dÍa a la vez y asi atraviesas cualquier situaciÓn. >>> la actitud y la motivaciÓn puede ser para encontrar. >>> si llegas a los 90 aÑos dedicate a ser feliz y se una persona buena, puedo ver mÁs allÁ de eso y quiero que sepan que hay un propÓsito mÁs elevado de lo que se aprecia. asÍ que propÓsito, gratitud, y fe. una combinaciÓn de todo. >>> y este mensaje que llevÓ a millones de personas, y cuenta que atravesÓ periodos de depresiÓn, entre los 8 y 10 aÑos intentÓ suicidarse. >>> algunas personas se quejan de situaciones que no pueden controlar, pero pudieron usar esto para cambiar aquello que Íi podÍan, hay gente que dice nunca voy a ir a la escuela porque nunca tendrÉ un trabajo, pero ¿por quÉ? tienes que darte una op
Jun 11, 2013 10:00am PDT
in controlling their lives. they asked for the turkish prime minister to step down. nick has been narrating what he's seen taking place on the ground. let's listen in if we can. as you can imagine when you're that close to the scene you have to protect yourself as well and there's authorities that have been lined up with gas masks as they are deploying the tear gas and trying to disperse the crowd. this is cnn international you're watching these live pictures from here. this comes from close to two weeks of a stand off between those people on the ground in turkey and turkish authorities. initially they had been very violent reaction to a peaceful protest that happened. let's listen in. it's sense developed into something much, much more. >> reporter: the water cannon going off directly into. it's really stunning to see how quickly the situation here changed. it's a short distance away right now. there seems to be an altercation between a riot, policeman and one of the demonstrators and that erupted into what we saw transpire. the tear gas, the water. it's cleared out and we're sti
Jun 17, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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Jun 11, 2013 11:00am PDT
the park. anything pay t nick paton walsh is there. what are those red flares? is that riot police or something demonstrators are using? >> reporter: i think we're seeing what are a couple of fires in the central square. we're not sure of the origin. they're trying to be extinguished by a water cannon. just a few moments ago, arwa, there was a dramatic atmosphere. protesters found every piece of corrugated iron. i'll let you see the fireworks going off behind me now. it's unclear if they're celebratory or they're being fired at the place as part of the protests, make shift arsenal of weapons. what we have is a whole square united and banging whatever corrugated iron it could find. this huge drum ringing out which eventually subsided. people moving in force back towards the center of the square. the occasional crack of tear gas now lit up sometimes by the flashing lights and ambulances moving around the square. i should point out, we don't know how many people have been injured during this. what i've been seeing in the past ten days, people have succumb to the severe effects of the
FOX News
Jun 1, 2013 11:00pm PDT
nick dipaolo. >> and now here's the winner of america's next top angry little man. >> wow. would seeing a shrink bring them back from the brink? yes, feeling low makes them blow. terrorists, it seems, are driven by low self-esteem. at least that's what some florida high school students are being taught. in florida. the florida virtual school, an online public school, offers a course called invisible warfare in which students learn how religious fundamentalism can lead people to become terrorists. according to the lesson plan, common traits that psychologists have found in terrorists are that they are often risk takers and many suffer from low self-esteem. sometimes joining a terrorist group provides these individuals with a sense of belonging. yeah, just like going out for football. and if only daddy loved them more they wouldn't go out and bomb people. maybe some huggery could stop their thuggery. then again, not everyone responds well to affection. see? that's a terrorist just waiting to happen. nick. the lesson i'm getting from this story is if we just feel a little more inste
Jun 5, 2013 10:00pm EDT
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Jun 11, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, nick are there on the front lines and join us with chief international correspondent. she recently interviewed turkey's prime minister and here in new york ivan who reports for us. nick, first of all, explain your vantage point, where you are in relation to where arwa is and what is happening right now. >> right me behind just as i started talking we're seeing fireworks, and we've seen these fired towards police for much of the last 19 hours i've been standing here. it seems to be the weapon of choice. give you a moment to listen to this. it appears to be the weapon of choice of protest. a confusing situation down the street closest to me. let me explain. we're talking about a square here, the park. arwa, when we see her pfootage earlier on was on the far side. i'm on the near side. police made a substantial for -- they pushed a lot of armored trucks, cannons, bulldozers, barricades pushing everybody back. i can't see everything where i'm standing but in the last half hour protest tors seemed to have crept back up that road where fireworks were fired from. so it begs the question w
Jun 16, 2013 4:30am PDT
a small business' bottom line. nick marsh, focusing on the restaurant business and john tapper, the host and co-executive producer of "bar rescue," the president of the nightclub and bar immediamedia . great to see both of you guys. >> hi, j.j. hi, nick. >> both of you guys work with bars and restaurants. yelp is a big deal for companies like yours, restaurants and bars whach . what do you do if suddenly you start getting a lot of negative reviews and you know people like your restaurant? >> absolutely, j.j. not to be insensitive, i was thinking, as i'm sure you say to your 5-year-old on a regular basis, life's not fair. we have to just deal with it. there's certainly some things that are frustrating and certainly some times when you're missing some reviews. the best thing to do is try to use the feedback in a positive way, reach out to people if there is a problem and use it to make your business better when you can. >> in what way, john? have you workd with people who have dealt with this issue? >> we have. you know, what nick says is right. life as you know fair. but people can g
Jun 13, 2013 1:35am PDT
throws the ceremonial first pitch in oakland. the robotic arm actually operated by 13-year-old nick legrande in kansas city. nick's mother says doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening blood disorder in january called severe aplastic anemia. >> he goes, "am i gonna be able to play baseball?" and a doctor goes, "no, uong you're going to play baseball this year." he just started crying. >> google created this camera-equipped robot so nick could control the arm using motion-censored technology from a mini baseball stadium the company built at its offices near his missouri city home. the historic pitch a surprise dream come true. >> i thought i was coming for my grandma's birthday. then i saw this so i thought i was going to take a couple pitches because my birthday is friday. then i saw my brothers other there and then it was a total surprise. >> a's reliever ryan cook helped arrange the high-tech toss with the a's, google. koofk's girlfriend's sister had a connection with the company. >> how did it feel to be able to do that with nick. >> pretty exhilarating feeling. you know the
Jun 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. ♪ >>> this video is called snakeout 2013, and a man named nick troutman and i don't know if he is related or not, but a guy and his friend went to the river and shot some amazing foota footage. look at this. it looks like the video is set up, but no, it is slowed down. we have the world freestyle kayak champion, nick troutman, via skype right this minute. how did you choose this as a sport? >> my best friend's dad owns the largest rafting company on the ottawa river, and one year he said, hey, nick, i'm going to try kayaking, and do you want to give it a shot? and ten minutes into the boat, i knew i loved this sport and i wanted to do it for the rest of my life and i have not gotten out of the kayak since. >> you are doing some incredible stunt work or trick work or what do you call it? >> freestyle kayaking. that i are short boats to do tricks and the big waters and the waves make it easier to get more air. >> this is dangerous, and how long does it take to get to do this? >> well, i have been paddling for just over 10 year, and so it depends how much time and effort you put into
Jun 11, 2013 1:00pm PDT
, jake. >> arwa damon, we'll come back to you later in the short. our nick patton wall, has also been reporting. nick, what are you seeing from your vantage point right now? >> i have a gas mass nk my hand. gas has waufted in. we are drawing too much attention because of or position here. another volley of tear gas being launched. there were a few hours where the police were fighting us, pushing protesters back and then they would surge back in toward the center of the square. as it stands now, that volley you heard is from one group of riot police pushing themselves down to gezi park to where arwa damon was. i have just seen an excavateor. part of the construction equipment in this area, that's on fire as well. the police now retreating to that main monument. the key thing, the mayor of istanbul saying this would continue until they regain control. at this point they seem to be heading toward protesters and sparring tear gas at this many, perhaps hoping they'll go home. we've seen no sign of that being imminent. in other capitals when they try to move crowds away ethey have a normall
Jun 16, 2013 9:00am PDT
following the attacks in boston. abc7 news reporter nick smith joins us live along the embarcadero, the start and the finish of the race. nick, you were able to talk with the winners? >> absolutely. carolyn, it was absolutely fantastic watching these people cross the line. and still able to have a conversation after running a marathon. are you kidding me? carolyn, this is the first time that the embarcadero has been closed from mission street to fulsom for the race. and this is the reason why. if you look to the right you see everyone has had to go through a security checkpoint. this, of course, in light of boston. you have to go through the security checkpoint, security guards will actually check your bags, backpacks and strollers. there were only three access points to the secure areas, one on mission, oie on howard and the one here on fulsom. runners also had new rules to follow what they could carry during the race. the top finisher is a french pac student living in new york with unofficial time of 2:25:14. >> i really wanted to come here. i'm very glad to have won it. >> i spoke wi
Jun 7, 2013 5:30am PDT
a couple months. david -- i've been in that neighborhood for quite some time and [inaudible]. nick don't know he's raising a family, but he has raised more than a family in that neighborhood -- the nurses, the doctors, the dentists, the /kapbld /-l stick make /-rs -- everybody goes to nick. he is a family man. >> just want to -- we -- this is the opportunity for the applicant so maybe you can speak -- >> nick done know i missed my train. i have something to give to you -- and i'm asking you david and the board of supervisor, we don't want to see him leave outta that neighborhood because i can be dragging in the field and i can have quite a few peoples with me. first thing he say come on in, have a coffee and have a sandwich. and i wind up getting in trouble because id do work in the field. just like now i'm here with nick because i want to be here with nick because i don't wanna see him leave and he has college age children and they going to my hometown which is new york and then they will be a part of my family. they'll be going to college there. i thank you all in advance. >> tha
Jun 20, 2013 11:30am PDT
particular provision. i think that nick t is correct he we'd have to figure out if this provision were inparagraph but this is a 55 year relationship. there have been different between the department and that's over the space and financial support they provided case. >> contingent on if we received new monies it didn't happen that way but we were able to win tens of miefldz that would be able to be assessable to the parks and provided other services in the parks as well. and in 2009 i helped to contribute over $20 million as department chair. we want to make sure it wouldn't have to go to other types of fee increases. i can't support this lease if it's contingent on a non-resident fee. i've made significant effort to try to eliminate. >> i appreciate your view supervisor. this is really an important relationship to the city. the both tampa garden wouldn't be here without the support of the garden in both in kind and in divorce and sweat and talent. >> i realize the lease is greater than the - park and wreaking knows the fees and you've negotiated a contract but personally, i can't
Jun 17, 2013 9:00am EDT
. garnier targeted line smoother. - we are talking about open relationships. our next guest, nick, says that his open lifestyle lead him into a downward spiral of sex, drugs, and separation from the woman he loved. now he's engaged, but his fiancee denise worries that he secretly craves the excitement of living on the edge and that he'll soon tire of her. welcome to the conversation. it really has been an interesting, titillating hour to say the least. so, nick, how was your relationship ruined by having an open relationship? - i thought it was going to last forever. i was with an attractive, intelligent, successful woman... who made no bones about the fact that she was also interested in other women and bringing other partners into the relationship. i won't lie to you, ricki. it wasn't like i was dragged kicking and screaming into that relationship. - you were into it. you were down with it. - i thought it was exciting. - was it about the emotional connection with these other people or was it just physical? - hmm. well... we were warned to avoid the emotional connection by other
Jun 18, 2013 5:00pm PDT
decision to bring the a's to the south bay. >> tonight nick smith is live withp a's fans and n.oakland but we're going to start with mark matthews. mark? >> this is where thehte1 city believes÷ú fields of redevelopment dreams will come true. they will come. the new baseball park has been very good to the san francisco giants. and san jose has been dreaming of their own field. but giants own the rights for the south bay and so far, the giants and major league baseball refused to allow a's to move. >> they want to keep a's in pergatory. the attorney representing the city believes they're using to it unlawfully restrict competition. >> we filed legal action to get rid of the restricks so future mayors and counsels will be able to seek a baseball team. >> giants not commenting but ñ league bad this statement. and adding it'sfwç regrettable that the city resorted to litigation with no basis in law or in factu/". it would be just south of the new renamed center next to the transit hub. fans say the team and it's green collar baseball slogan are for oakland. abc 7 news nick smith joins
Jun 16, 2013 6:00am PDT
boston. abc7 news reporter nick smith is joining us live near the starting line. good morning, nick. you have got more on this marathon. >> absolutely. carolyn, you know one of the best parts about covering this race is the fact that they do it in waves. you get a chance to meet different groups of people who are starting to lineup for their part of the race. one of the things that everyone told me repeatedly is they have kept the incidents in boston in the back of their mind and they are aware of everything that happened there. and those procedures have played a part in the way things have played out today. these new security measures are all in response to the the boston marathon coming in april. the attack is very much on the minds of runners as they get ready to hit the streets. in fact, there was a 35 to 40 minute early start for the first time for this race. the start line here between embarcadero and full some and mission street were two of the only three security check points. but runners told me they could not let what happened in boston affect wait they approached the race toda
Jun 3, 2013 10:00pm PDT
followed by ralph lee. richard lewis perry. robin anderson. and nick berg. >> hi, thank you board, i am brian smith, the owner of blackberry bicycles on 6th and we opened a little over a year ago. we have been very successful and i don't think we could have done it without the foundation laid by the cm cbd over the last years. it's really critical for my now nine employees and thousands of customers to feel safe and comfortable coming to the neighborhood and coming into my bicycle shop and getting on an expensive bike and riding it around the neighborhood. i really strongly support the renewal of the cm. cbd and i think that the people such as myself who have invested in the neighborhood and the people who live in the neighborhood and the thousands of people moving to this neighborhood, and investing in the future in this neighborhood, will be way worse off if the cm. cbd is not allowed to renew and continue the work that they have already done. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, ralph lee, next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is ralph lee, the general manager
Jun 16, 2013 11:15pm EDT
back up middle. nick on his horse around score. and he heads up, he not stopping. and good thing because throw somebody was off the mark and he will come around to third he would later score on davis double. davis knocked half 0s runs today and they win. >> coming up it was quite hraeurpbing curve for alexander ovechkin. he still brought home hard. how credits for his mvp troef foe. next of. but will. becoming little re --able left wing so oats switch to rid woeupbg. he trusted his coach made move and last might scooped up his third heart trophy for league mvp. >> you know i am back on track. and you know especially with him. and lap night i call him right away to see almost, first person i call. and i am just happy. and how can i improve my game. i tell him you know i til adam you know, i can tell -- i tell him. i trust you. >> mother's day michigan intentional speedway as well. points leader jamie johnson with his daughter alongside. >> he gets closes. gordon pwhroeupbed boy his smoke. can't avoid collision. send both high into wall gore doan and lavonia finish. indicationy can
Jun 13, 2013 4:00am PDT
philly girl and just in a nick of time. >>> plus, could a flying bicycle be in your future? a very close call with a guide dog. and a real life jaws. you'll need a bigger boat. "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for thursday, june 13th. >> good morning. i'm richard lui. a massive line of thunderstorms could impact more than 1 in 5 americans from iowa all the way to maryland. wednesday the storms made their way through the midwest, some spawning several small tornadoes in iowa and illinois. the system produced massive bolts of lightning. one struck this home in suburban chicago setting it on fire. more than 20,000 chicago area customers are now without power. now that system spans several hundred miles across illinois, illinois, indiana, minnesota, ohio and wisconsin, knocking out power to more than 75,000 homes and it's barreling east. the entire state of pennsylvania is under a flood watch with more states facing the very same. meteorologists are warning the line of storms could spawn what's being called a derecho. let's go to bill karins for more on that. >> that
Jun 4, 2013 4:00pm PDT
it cause starbucks trouble? let's bring in our pan yell, all from huffing to know post. nick, let me start with you on this. what is the percentage chance that this boy cat will work? go. >> i'd say definitely zero. let's start out by noting that david barton is a man that glenn beck has called one of the most important people or most important voices in america, so there's something to start with when you consider his message but i think that they're probably right, 14,000 people have signed on to this petition and those 14 those people are probably people that were not big starbucks fans to begin with and probably the same kind of people that went to oh chick-fil-a last year just to support their anti-gay marriage message. we've seen advocacy campaigns like this to try to hurt businesses. it's worth noting that the campaign last year to boycott chick-fil-a didn't even actually work, maybe a little more right-headed than this one but it's very hard to make these things make a real impact on big businesses like starbucks and chick-fil-a. cenk: the day that the boycott was announced t
Jun 22, 2013 2:00pm PDT
remarks and the fallout and the apologies about it. nick very lealencia has the sto. >> paula deen is in full public support, and she's asked fans on the food network to forgive her for what she's done but despite the criticism and negative backlash that paula deen has received there are still some of her supporters that are coming out and really speaking for her character and saying there's no way she could be a racist. >> would a racist give thousands of dollars to an organization to help black boys? and not only that, but we can't count the amount of things that she's done charitable for black organizations. i mean, she's not keeping a record on everything that she does to help black people. she don't have to. she just do it because it's in her. >> deen has lost the contract with the food network after 11 years they say they won't be renewing her contract which ends at the end of this month and she has so many more sponsors, cookware, and she's sponsored by a diabetes medicine as well, we'll be taking a close look to see if any other sponsors back out. don? >> all right, nick, than
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Jun 4, 2013 11:00pm PDT
months. i means that's a lot of nick at night. >> here's what is so interesting. this has turned new some respects, and i don't say this without any affection, in some respects it has turned you into an old jewish man. >> well. >> the inflection, did you one of these, i mean why. it's a lot of nick at knight. you have been to the jersey shore yet this year? i was there this weekend. it's coming back, baby, the jersey shore. they've rebuilt it as fast as, i mean it was even over the two week that i was there previously they have thrown up buildings that i never new existed before. >> someplaces are in for a rough go between where you guys have a place and where we have a place and where we meet for ice cream, someplaces are going to i have a rough g there is one town, lost 152 homes. and then south of that, ortley beach, normandy beach, these folks. >> they got crushed. >> but all those areas. >> where i grew up, sea brite was our home. >> max's hot dogs. >> maxes or the windmill, got to be fair. but i am a sorry. but there are -- >> maxes. >> there are so many good organizations.
Jun 24, 2013 4:30am PDT
, it is 4:47 let's go to steve. >> i don't see nick on the -- i don't see anything there. >> they want people to be careful because there are winds out there. >> well, it is trying to rain and if it is, you can see there is plenty of cloud covington will be a cloudy day, that is for sure. we don't have a little low and it is very mild well 50s and 60s on the temperatures and antioch has 67 and you get the clue cover. it is very dry so it needs to juice itself up. tomorrow much less to the south and we have breezy times at coast, so far i am not saying too much, 60s and 70s, some of these could be on the mild side with all of this cloud cover and after that things look much warmer as we head there. and those in mariposa coup tip has burned more than 1,700 acres and cal fire said evacuations orders were listed for many on thursday. and last sunday there was an una attended feature. high wire walkers did the walk with no harnesses or par suit. >>> and soon it is the snack you will soon be able to purchase. . >>> did you see it, nick was successful above the ground and he completed the wal
Jun 1, 2013 10:00am PDT
. >> karen maginnis, let's hope the worse is behind us. >>> nick valencia is live for us in oklahoma city. what are people there telling you how they're doing right now? >> they're doing okay considering what just happened here. i'm standing outside of the merit residence or what once within. debris. this is piece of a chimney here. just collapsed. you go through the debris, kids toys. no telling how far this traveled. we've seen debris in the two weeks that we've been out here travel as far as a mile and a half, two miles. just from all over neighbors counties. here in this county, one of the more hard hit county, el reno, union city. and a place like this, there's a lot of space for this tornado to travel which is a good thing. it didn't hit up -- you know, didn't hit or land on too many residences. they were lucky not to be home at the time but half their roof is gone. clean-up continues. you've got police officers going door to door trying to help the residents, showing their support by actually showing up and being here. and residents' lives. this is sort of signs for hope for t
Jun 9, 2013 11:00pm PDT
louder town and i will politely cut you off. and would you like to call public comment? >> nick laous kileron. penny white. >> my name is nick from the coalition of homelessness and i am here to ask you not to approve this plan and this is an exaggeration of the original, and over 18,500 feet of signs will be installed and that is over 150 signs and it costs over in total over $100,000 and it covers over 16 miles of road. and so it should be noted that the money for the signage alone could be used to house 30 people for three months straight and i have these letters here for you and these packets and if we outline our proposal, basically what we want is we want the implementation of the original plan at the least, obviously we don't know if there is a plan b approved at all. and it will effect, and because it can and do things such as find them. and lead to the vehicle being towed and impounded and the loss of one of their last remaining assets. >> we want the original plan to be followed because that is the one that was vetted through the democratic process and we don't think that or
Jun 27, 2013 4:30pm PDT
about the ceremony today and the beautiful bell over here, a hand crafted bell done by artists nick depilipo, would you stand for a second? this has quite a bit of significant, for the community. many of you will know that frank brought the bell from his ranch to the original exporatorium and ever since that day, the youth that run the place, trust me they really one the place, ring that bell to among the end of the day. this place is obviously too big for one bell and so we needed another one. and nick in his vision, nick who served actually as the head of foundry for a kindred institution across the bay, the crucible came up with this amazing vision of this hand crafted bell that each speaker as they get up here today will put another ring on at the very end, we have a very special guest, who will do the final ringing and we will open up for the day. so for my ring, i want to honor our institutional history and memory and for all of those who have come before us. thank you, dennis very much. >> our next speaker needs no introduction, he is a advocate for redevelopment and believes
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